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IT Infrastructure

The following file formats can be processed for translations: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Html, XML, Corel-Draw.

Furthermore, the following formats might be processed if import and export funcionalities have been tested successfully: FrameMaker MIF files, Adobe InDesign (INX format), Quark XPress (XTG format by copyflow), Leegoo Builder (DOC format), Resource Script (RC) files, EXE files, Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), Ole Control Extensions (OCX), Screen Saver (SCR), Control Panel Extensions (CPL), National Language Support (NLS).

Translation Memory Import in TMX format (*.tmx) or as glossary file (*.glo).

Terminology Import from: Langenscheidt/Lexterm, Trados MultiTerm, Star Martif, TermBase Xchange and as comma separated CSV file.

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